10 things I've learnt in 100 Ceremonies

100 Weddings down and boy has it been a blast!

This means so much to me that I have had the absolute honour to have married 100 couples, and each and every one has been so special and so unique. It has been a privilege to witness nothing but love, simply love, between two people.

So here are some things I have learnt along the way:

1. I get goosebumps at every wedding

This usually happens when I hear you say your vows to each other. I absolutely love this part.

2. More grooms cry than brides

I am prepared for you – I have tissues on hand and will make sure you have one for yourself and one for your partner.

3. I will always stick my finger when trying to pin on buttonholes

I should invest in the magnet ones from the Bachelorette to save my fingers.

4. Kids will be kids at weddings, so let them be

I love kids at weddings they love the day getting dressed up being fussed over they are just so damn cute. They won't ruin your day, they will only create magic!

5. No one brings a tissue for their tears (I always have a supply with me to pass around)

Again, with the tissues – this must the number one thing in my job description.

6. It is always windy at the beach

I am now prepared I have cute little paperweights to keep all paperwork secure and a good range of headbands to my hair in place.

7. I have become an avid weather watcher – always hoping the best day for your day

BOM is one of my most watched Apps on my phone to make sure I am prepared! Once a Girl Guide always a Girl Guide.

8. Google Maps is my best friend

I get to visit some amazing venues, this is just a bonus of the job and I am always so humbled!

9. You need a community

To all the amazing vendors in the Wedding Industry, I have made some great friends, and everyone is always a pleasure to work with

10. This is the best job!

I absolutely love this job and all the people I have met and married along the way have helped make it the most rewarding job I have ever done.

So, thank you to all the wonderful couples that have trusted me to marry them. The past 4 years have been so much fun, and I look forward to meeting and marrying many, many, many more couples.


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